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Do You Ever Wonder Why the Person You Really Like Always Seems to Pull Away or Why You Struggle to Trust Again?

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In this ebook, I walk you through the fourteen (14) biggest mistakes most women commit every day subconsciously that really just hits the kill switch on a man's desire. I don't just leave you there but I also share with you what you can differently to be more attractive. This ebook is exactly 22 pages long so you can read it in one hour and start applying these teaching to shift a current elationship or attract new ones. If you are ready for transformation, grab your copy today by clicking the bottom at the bottom of the page. The ebook is only $47. Grab your copy today.  

Jill Bulluck The Young Singles Marriage Prep Coach

Jill Bulluck is the founder of Detour Movement Inc. a Faith-based organization that reaches 10,000 + women a week promoting the necessity of discovering your true identity through self-actualization rather than materialistic things, living out your purpose in a bold and unapologetic way, creating a life you love, attracting and keeping healthy happy love that leads to a lasting marriage.  

She is known as the Dating Breakthrough Strategist who prepares and positions new and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and women who have been able to get all the pieces of the puzzle of life together except this one area, dating relationships. As a result of working with her; women break free from toxic relationships;and ignite their life by standing and speaking boldly in their truth to becoming the boss of their life by being Authentic, Courageous and Non-negotiable about the life and love they desire.  

She is also the best-selling author of the book, "The Biggest Lies Women Believe about Men, Dating and Themselves and co-hostess of the annual She's On Fire Women Conference that gathers over 100 women each year, next conference August 2-3, 2019.