Are you ready to gain access to strategies and the actual steps necessary to achieve your goals so you can ELEVATE your life? Then this membership is for YOU!  

Elevate is a membership program designed for you if you want to take your life from overwhelm, frustration, inconsistency, lack of discipline, procrastination or lack of motivation to confidence and clarity to achieve your life goals through step-by-step strategies, developing your leadership skills and providing you the right tools to be successful.  

E=Educate. In this membership program, you will receive specific actionable steps so you won't be confused or stuck. You will get the clairity you need to move forward with confidence, in the order to ELEVATE your life and ministry/business!  

L= Liberated. Free yourself from physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage that is holding you back and replace it with inspiration, knowledge and assurance that will keep you motivated.  

E=Equip. In this membership program we will equip you will the tools to use every day to keep you consistent with pursuing your goals from the boardroom to your bank account.  

V=Vigorous. After mastering the life & leadership skills; you will be strong, healthy and full of energy, ready to conquer the world! 

A=Abundance. You will learn how to access and manage the abundance of resouces you have available from your time, energy, capacity and you money.  

T=Time. This is the one thing you can never get back, so we will show you how to use it wisely so you can accomplish your goals and have a life you are excited about everyday.  

E=Elevate. If finding the right momentum for your day or life has been a challenge for you, then we invite you to join this memership program to accelerate your learning process & elevate your life!

With ELEVATE we will focus on eight core areas to create a system for you to set and achieve your goals. 

Clarity. Credibility. Confidence. Communication. Connection. Discipline. Skills. Relationships. => Achieve Your Goal

Achieving your goals requires you to get clarity on your purpose and vison, develop the discipline so you can successful finish what you started, develop the communication skills so you can build relationships that all will lead to more confidence, more freedom, more influence and more impact.

With this Elevate membership program, we will create the environment for you to accomplish your goals by building your skills that will be required to get it all done.


Membership is only $47 per month or $497 for the year. 

Value price: $4997 or $497 a month  

Your price: ONLY $47  

Here's What You Will Walk Away With...



Positioning yourself for success is important during this membership program. During this membership program, you will learn the foundation of productivity and mastering your time, capacity, energy, relationships, and most importantly your faith. You will also gain speaking, presenting & self-publishing skills. 


How to Write, Publish & Promote & Sell Your Book 

This is a step-by-step guide on how to write, publish, and promote your book in 10 easy steps. Use you book or journal to position yourself as an expert. Guidance on Creating an outline for writing your book, drafting your back cover, outlining your book cover, creating a book writing schedule, creating a marketing plan, completing your manuscript, and references for professional Christian editing.



How do you function daily? Do you just jump into your day and see what happens or do you take the time to THINK, PLAN, and DECIDE? Do you have systems and routines or does each day has a plan of its own? This master class teaches you how to take control of your day so you can be cool, calm, and confident ready to face the challenges and opportunities each day will bring.



You will learn how to outline your content development, prepare for speaking gigs, book yourself for speaking engagements, create your price structure, and more!



There are three things that will ultimately determine your destiny: the education you obtain, the relationships you build, and the decisions you make with the education, and relationships you have. Now is the time to take a serious look at your education and career plan. Just getting a job to have a paycheck isn't enough.



Learn how to take control of your emotions and feelings and not have them take control of you. Learn your triggers and how to identify other people triggers so you can finally take control of your relationships.



Learn how to engage in relationships where you protect your best interest. Learn signs of a toxic relationship and how to avoid them or get out of them all together. Learn how to build strategic business relationships to open up doors to the right opportunities and help you build your community.



Learn how to build that know, like and trust factor with your very on tribe! Tribe is another word for community, one where you will be the influential and share your expertise, wisdom, and encourage. These people become your closest friends and customers for what you have to offer.



Don't make the mistake thinking if you just earn more money, you will not have to worry about budgeting or money. There are practical principles and skills that most people aren't taught when it comes to money management and available tools so you can elevation in your finances.



Learn how to incorporate and file your 501(3)(c), Learn how to build your board members, create by-laws, keeping books and securing in-kind sponsorships 

"Three years ago God gave me a vision it seemed like an impossible vision. I have lost faith, passions, people, friends etc but I gained a better understanding of every aspect of my life. I met two awesome women of God during this journey Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel who changed my entire perspective on business but keeping God first. I signed up for their Kingdom Business training program. I knew business but didn't know how to present business; I had an idea of the ark God told me to build but I didn't have the tools. But because of their program we were able to create products and services."

"I just want to say, the time investment…was nothing short of amazing. It was worth everything I put into it. Clarity was brought to all my goals and I have learned so many steps and tips to be successful! This will be a year like no other, manifestations coming out my pores because I have decided to take life by the reigns, put the word to work and dominate."

"Before I started the Goal Achiever Planner, I had recently loss my mother, I had been unemployed for months, I had a desire to understand the Bible more and lastly I had a dream to go to college but I had no plan or clue how I would get this done. At the beginning of 2017, Jill and Treal helped me layout my goals for each quarter and the rest is history! Since then, I've been accepted to Pillar College in Newark, NJ starting January 2018, I will be studying Biblical Studies and Psychology! I've been back to work for months now! I started my first parenting group in Rahway community in New Jersey. This goal was very successful! I had 15 parents, a Superintendent, the Director of Special Education and a Learning Reading Consultant who attended~ This year has been overwhelmingly amazing!" ~Rolanda Phillips


Membership is only $47 per month or $497 for the year.  

Value price: $4997 or $497 per month  

Your price: $47 per month pr $497 per year  


  Who Is this Membership for?  

***If you truly desire to live a life without limits and on purpose, this membership is for you.  

***If you are ready want to write, publish and promote your book, this is for you.

***If you want to get your legal structure in order for your business, then this is for you.

***If you desire a deeper walk with God and measure of faith, this membership is for you.  

***If you desire accountability and consistency in your life to help you meet a specific goal, this membership is for you.  

***If you want to develop your communicaton and speaking skills, this membership is for you.  

***If you desire to become one with yourself and God in taking care of your temple, this membership is for you.  

***If you are ready to create and build meaningful and strategic business relationships, this membership is for you  

The material covered in this program has proven results but it only works if you give 100% participation into the program. You will be provided the training schedule and the date for the virtual or live event well in advance, so be sure to make necessary arrangements to give 100% participation into the program.  

 Who This Membership Not For?  

***If you aren't serious about setting and achieving your goals, then this isn't for you.. 

***If having an intimate relationship with God isn't a priority for you, then this isn't for you..

***If you already figured things out with your business, then this isn't for you.

***If you do want to develop your communication and leadership skills, then this isn't for you..

***If you don't have a desire to be consistent and live a life without limits, then this isn't for you..

***If you are already slaying your goals on your own, then this isn't for you..

Who Should Register?  

***If you want to learn how to be content and create a life you love as you wait on God's best, you should come.  

***If you want to learn how to maintain and protect your purity as a woman, you should come.  

***If you are married and wish to have a deeper relationship with your husband, you should come.  

***If you want a deeper relationship with God, you should come.  

***If you want to bounce back from adversity in your marriage and move forward towards building a healthy marriage, you should come.  

***If you want to learn how to love your husband (even if he is an ungodly husband) with the love of God, you should come.  

***If you are a woman who just want more out of their life and relationships, you should come!  

Here is What You Will Walk Away With:  

***Knowledge, Skills and tools on how to master life in the eight core areas.

***Confidently manage your feelings and emotions so you can engage in healthy relationships  

***Published book with a marketing plan to sell it and/or a full outline for your signature program!

***Systems and tools to to simplify your lifestyle and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.  

***Clarity on your vision and guidence on the next steps to get you started.  

***A healthier lifestyle with a simple way to take better care of your temple each and every day.  

***New habits to stay motivated and make being consistent much easier as you tackle new goals and projects from spending quiet time with God to getting the discipline to write your first or next book.  

***More Confidence as a Kingdom Woman, Mother, Wife or Wife-to-Be

What Do You Get?  

***Monthly Masterlife Class in the eight 8 core areas with actionable steps  

***Monthly Q&A Session to answer your questions so you don't get stuck  

***Access to Full Library with schedule to follow along  

***Access to private community for accountability and support  

***Access to our Clarity Client to walk you through identifying your niche and your ideal client.



Input your text in JILL BULLUCK & TREAL RAVENEL Jill AND Treal are two Transformation Calatysts who are committed to serving Kingdom Women to LEARN. LOVE. LEAD. in their life. Jill and Treal focuses on personal, spiritual and leadership development. Jill and Treal are national speakers, authors of multiple books some of which are Best-sellers and founders of a global kingdom movement called Detour Movement Inc, and founders of the online community DMI Kingdom Women Lounge. Jill and Treal develop new and emerging leaders. Over the last five years, Jill and Treal have worked with hundreds of women to make their life unrecognizable and to live unapologetically exactly who God created them to be. In addition to DMI and the memberrship progams and annual conference, Jill prepares & positions singles to be Ready for Love through personal & spiritual development and Treal serves Wives through her Wives Who Win ministry where she support wives to achieve success in their marriage.

Accessing Membership Site & Monthly Training Calls  

How will I gain access to my membership once I join?  

Once you purchase your membership, you will receive an email that will include your username and temporary password for the online portal. You will need to access your account and change the password to a personalized one. You will also be added to a private Facebook accountability group. Once you have access to the online portal, you will have full access to our library. 

Women who desire a deeper relationship with God, to experience a Christ-centered relationship (Christain dating & &arriage) and a Christ-centered business. If this is the year you want to let go of the things from your past (disappointments, sins, failures, unforgiveness, bad habits, lukewarmness in your walk with God, unprofitable business) then you need to attend this conference to connect with and learn from powerful and influential women of God.

What if I join the membership after the monthly training calls are held, will I have access to prior trainings?  

Yes. Not to worry. It doesn’t matter when you join the membership, you will have access to all the trainings applicable for that membership tier you join.

Is 1-on-1 or group coaching available with the membership?  

Group coaching where you can ask your specific questions is apart of this program. We will also have set open hours where you can make an appointment and get your questions answered.

How do I know when the monthly training calls will be held?  

This information will be emailed to you as well as posted in the private Facebook group prior the training dates.  

Am I on a contract or is the membership month to month?  

No, you are not on a contract. The membership is on a month to month basis.

What platform will you use for the monthly training calls? 

All training calls will take place on the Zoom platform. The access information will be provided prior to the training dates via email and posted in the private Facebook group.

Payment and Cancellation Questions  

What is the cancellation policy?  

Membership fees comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied, you can cancel your membership. To avoid being charged for the for the next billing cycle, send an email to jillandtreal@detourmovement.com at least seven (7) days prior to your next biling period. If you pay for your membership in full, you are able to transfer the balance to another product of equal or lesser value. This will need to take place within 30 days of you notifying us of the transfer. 

What if I need to change my payment due date for my membership?  

If you need to change your payment due date, you can email us at jillandtreal@detourmovement.com to request a due date change. All due date changes must be requested 15 days prior to your payment date to ensure the change takes place timely.  

Have more questions? Send us an email to jillandtreal@detourmovement.com.