“Goal Achievers 90 Day Accountability Planner" 


What Is this 90 Day Goal Achiever Planner All About?  

This isn’t just another journal or planner; this is a lifestyle molding system that helps you to FINALLY develop habits that you may have been trying to establish for YEARS!  

This is a 90-day Goal Achievement System that will give you everything you need to be massively productive. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes completing a few action steps daily, and watch the quality of your life change right before your eyes as you gain clarity and restore your energy all at the same time!  

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"I just want to say, the time invested in the Goal Achievers Workshop 2017 was nothing short of amazing. It was worth everything I put into it. Clarity was brought to all my goals and I have learned so many steps and tips to be successful. I am fully persuaded that this is my year, I have a vision, I have clarity, I have purpose and I am alive. This will be a year like no other, manifestations coming out my pores because I have decided to take life by the reigns, put the word to work and dominate the way I was intended. This is more than excitement, this is intention and execution!  

I'm stepping into alignment! Alignment of my purpose, calling, and God's plan A for my life. Don't just watch, join this movement! Thankful to Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel for your obedience." ~Te'Aire Griffin

"Before I started the Goal Achievers Planner, I had recently loss my mother, I had been unemployed for months, I had a desire to understand the Bible more and lastly I had a dream to go to college but I had no plan or clue how I would get this done. At the beginning of 2017, Jill and Treal helped me layout my goals for each quarter and the rest is history!

Since then, I've been accepted to Pillar College in Newark, NJ starting January 2018, I will be studying Biblical Studies and Psychology! I've been back to work for months now! I started my first parenting group in Rahway community in New Jersey. This goal was very successful! I had 15 parents, a Superintendent, the Director of Special Education and a Learning Reading Consultant who attended~ This year has been overwhelmingly amazing!" ~Rolanda Phillips

"For years, I keep telling myself to go to bed earlier but I just couldn’t do it. Within the planner, I was able to identify the habits or pitfalls that were preventing me from having reaching my goal. Once I identified these three key elements, I know what I had to do to make going to bed at a reasonable hour a realistic one. That was just the beginning. 

By the fourth quarter of year, I was able to accomplish so much, from better self-care which meant more sleep, more quiet time with God, time to do my meal prep, regular exercise which brought about more peace; rebranding and repositioning my personal brand; decorating our recently purchased home; increased revenue and operations include tracking financials on a regularly bases, positioning ourselves to get corporate sponsorship with obtaining 501(3))c) and hiring a consultant and launching certain products." ~Jill Bulluck  

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Bonus #1: Digital Monthly Planning Calendar to Track Milestones for Your Goals when going from goal setting to goal achievement, you will need a plan to keep you on task and on target. This calendar will help you to do just that.  

Bonus #2: Digital Customized Budget Tracker Your Monthly Income and Expenses. Ecclesiastes 10:19 Says money is the answer to all things. Each year, you should have financial goals, to get out and stay out of debt, save long term for retirement and short-term financial goals. The truth of the matter is what you focus on, will grow. This tracker will help you to focus on your goals to ensure you are prospering just as your soul is prospering.  

Bonus #3: A Digital System to Track Your Meals and Exercise This tool will help you to stay on target and on task with your fitness. You can access anytime you need for as long or as short as you need to, to get you exactly where you want to be regarding your health.

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Here's What You'll Achieve With This Amazing Planner!

Establish a daily habit of spending time with God. The truth of the matter, most people struggle to spend time with God on a daily basis. From social media addictions, scrolling first thing in the morning, all throughout the day until you close you eyes to go to sleep, facing consistent interruptions, and trying to respond to life demands; sometimes it is hard to fit it all in. This planner gives you a system that works your plan around God, rather than you trying to work God around your plan. You will finally be able to conquer your daily devotion with God and be able to share what you learn with others in person and on your social media platforms.

A Process to Set and Achieve Your Quarterly Goals. Setting goals can be a little intimidating and cumbersome at times, but it doesn't have to be. We show you how to lay out one goal at a time, help you identify three critical factors for each goal and the specific activity you need to complete to achieve your goal all on one-page. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Daily Accountability. Setting a goal is easy, achieving it is where most people struggle. If you don't have a system to remind you of what to focus on as life pulls you into twenty different directions, you end up giving a little of yourself on everything with nothing accomplished at the end of the day. Our planners have a built-in self-accountability that helps you get on track and stay on track each day.

A way to prioritize your life. If you are reading this, you are a goal-oriented person, you likely feel like you have to accomplish something meaningful before you let your head hit the pillow at night, you likely are a visionary with tons of goals and aspirations and new ideas consistently spring up in your mind leaving you with the challenge of what to pursue first, next and so on. This planner helps you break down your goals into small digestible pieces.

Establish habit for regular exercise. At the beginning of the year, you said, this is going to be the year, where you exercise regularly, and develop good eating habits. So you spent hundreds of dollars to join your local gym, the first week you were hitting the gym every other day, but by the end of the month, not only did you stop going to the gym, you've lost your membership card and after going on a crazy diet the first three weeks of the year, you're eating worst than before and not better. With your accountability planner, every day you will have to answer whether or not, you achieved your goal of working out. Believe it or not, this is enough to motivate you back in the gym or even on your living room floor for a quick pilates, yoga, or P90 X session.

Establish habits or continuous learning like reading more books or going back to school. There are three things that determine your destiny 1.) The books you read. 2.) The audios you listen to 3.) The people you hang around. If you aren't learning and growing, you are falling behind. This planner holds you accountable to your greatness, challenging you to read more to expand your learning and your mindset.

Have more peace gratitude in your day. It is proven that people who take a minute to find and express gratitude daily are far more successful than people who do not. Being successful in any area of your life isn't a secret, but it is a discipline of practicing specific activities each and every day to create consist habits to be productive while keeping a peace of mind and a heart of gratitude.

Have a system to reflect back on what is working and what is not working. People are good at doing a lot of stuff, but as John Maxwell points out, people fail to take the time to reflect and assess what went well on the things that were successful and stop doing the things that weren't successful or change it up to get the results you want. Life is about trials and errors, to see what's working you have to stop long enough to look back and assess the situation and make the necessary adjustments.