Who is Jill and Treal?

Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel, are two Life & Relationship Transformation Calatysts who are committed to serving Kingdom Women to LEARN. LOVE. LEAD. in their life and relationships.  Jill focuses on preparing & positioning singles to Make the Right Choice and Treal focuses on Wives Who Win to achieve success in their marriage.  Jill and Treal are national speakers, authors of multiple books some of which are Best-sellers and founders of a global kingdom movement called Detour Movement Inc and founders of the online community DMI Kingdom Women Lounge.  Over the last five years, Jill and Treal have worked with hundreds of women to make their life unrecognizable and to live unapologetically exactly  who God created them to be.  

What is Goal Achievement Workshop?

We invite you to join us,  as we walk you step-by-step on how to set and achieve your relationship goals for 2018.  These are goals with your relationship with God, yourself, others and your money.  You will  have two accomplished coaches walk you step-by-step to develop a clear and concise goal achievement plan for your life and relationships.  You will create a system of accountability to keep you on track until you reach your goals. Finally get to that size healthy you have been desiring and out of that financial rut! Finally start attracting a higher caliber of men into your life that aligns with your purpose and destiny. Keep the fire burning in your marriage with intentional action and a little planning. As a bonus, you will receive a downloadable workbook and templates as resources to aid you along the way.

Here is what our clients had to say after completing the Goal Achievement LIVE Virtual Workshop!

"I just want to say, the time investment in the goal achievers workshop 2017 was nothing short of amazing. It was worth everything I put into it. Clarity was brought to all my goals and I have learned so many steps and tips to be successful. I am fully persuaded that this is my year, I have a vision, I have clarity, I have purpose and I am alive. This will be a year like no other, manifestations coming out my pores because I have decided to take life by the reigns, put the word to work and dominate the way I was intended. This is more than excitement, this is intention and execution!

I'm stepping into alignment! Alignment of my purpose, calling, and God's plan A for my life. Don't just watch, join this movement! Thankful to Jill Bulluck and Treal Ravenel for your obedience."
Te'Aire Griffin


In this three (3) hour masterclass, you will learn:

+Why Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals are a Must to be Successfully in Your Life and Relationships

+Step-by-Step on How to Write Out Your Goal Achievement Plan for the Year.

+Stop Wasting Time and Money, Trying to Find the Secret to Success and  Get the Formula for Success

+How to take You Vision and Goals Into an Actionable Plan that Is Easy to Execute.

+How to Finally Not Only Set but Also Achieve Your Goals

+How to Stay On Track with Your Goals Even When You Are Feeling Lazy and Unmotivated.

+How to Create a Goal Achievement Plan Which Will Attract the Right Relationship/People Into Your Life and Avoid Another Dead-End Relationship

+How to Develop a Goal Achievement Plan Where You Can Experience Success in Your Life Every Day.

+How to Develop the Confidence and Courage to go After Your Dream Unapologetically.


Here is What You Get!

+Simple 12 Questions Goal Assessment Evaluation so you get clear on exactly where you are and where you desire to be.

+Weekly Planner to Keep You on Pace with Significant Milestones

+3 Hour Pre-recorded Video Training  (Includes 30 Minutes Q&A) with access to the recording which you can watch anytime.

+Monthly Planning Calendar to Track Milestones for Your Goals

+90 + Page Workbook including Daily and Weekly Productivity Accountability Exercise

+ Seven Step Process on How to Create a Goal Achievement Plan

+Monthly and Weekly Reflection Tools so you can see what you are doing well and areas where you need to shift.

Visualization Exercise So You Can Gain Clarity on What You Desire & What that Looks Like


To ensure you have all the tools and resources to be successful beyond the live workshop, you will have instant access to the following…

Bonus #1: Monthly Planning Calendar to Track Milestones for Your Goals When going from goal setting to goal achievement, you will need a plan to keep you on task and on target.  This calendar will help you do just that.

Bonus #2: Customized Budget Tracker Your Monthly Income and Expenses Ecclesiastessiates 10:19 Says money is the answer to all things.  Each year, you should have financial goals, to get out and stay out of debt, save long term for retirement and short-term financial goals.  The truth of the matter is what you focus on, will grow. This tracker will help you to focus  o your goals to ensure you are prospering just as your soul is prospering.

Bonus #3:  System to Track Your Meals and Exercise This tool will help you to stay on target and on task with you fitness. You can access anytime you need for as long or as short as you need to, to get you exactly where you want to be in terms of your health.

Attendees say this training is valued over $797!!! But you have divine favor and you are part of the Kingdom fam, so we are  charging you only $79!

=> Become a Goal Achiever NOW

You Should Sign-up for the Goal Achievement 2018 Virtual Masterclass if:

You are passionate about achieving your goals for 2018.

You recognize and understand no one does anything great alone.  

You want 2018 to be the year you get it right with your relationship goals.  

You want 2018 to be the year, you get it right with your relationship with money.  No longer living paycheck to paycheck but operating under godly stewardship. 

You Should NOT Sign-up for the Goal Achievement 2018 Virtual Masterclass if:

You want to do it alone. 

You don't want to achieve massive success in 2018.

You are able to set and achieve all your goals each year without a plan.

You are experiencing maximum success in your life and relationships.

You are experiencing maximum success in your relationship with money. 

=> Become a Goal Achiever NOW

What Others Say After Working with Us!

  • Le'Erica Richards, Kingdom Woman: As it pertains to my passion and purpose I've known my goal was to finally complete my book and my launch business. I was told last year by a someone to "down-size" my goal if it scared me?!? However, last night it was confirmed that our God given purpose and goal IS bigger than us. I wasn't told to downsize my dreams but to draw closer to God, I was given practical and Godly advice to succeed... Thank you for your words wisdom and advice.  In 2017 I will be strategic, God centered, purposefully working to manifest my God given passions and purpose ❤❤
  • Shauntay Dunning, Network Marketer:  "I really enjoyed the Goal Achievers 2017 workshop. I received a lot of valuable information.  It helped brought vision to my define purpose. Especially, writing out my main goals for the four quarters of this year. The first quarter will be based on Self Love: Putting me 1st. Learning how to say no and having some me time or even taking myself out every now and then. This information was very powerful and I can already feel it transforming my life! Thank you Queens Jill and Treal!"
  • Rolanda Phyllis, Kingdom Woman: 2017 is my year! Last night I was part of Goal achievement workshop. I have clarity on my vision.  I have clarity on my spiritual growth. Now I have [bigger] dream because of this awesome workshop! I have a lot more clarity about [my purpose]. I realize that [some] people will not understand but God is going start pushing some of these people out of my life.
=> Become a Goal Achiever NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Deadline to sign-up for Goal Achievement 2018 Virtual Workshop!

You can access the replay with the workbok.

2. I’m Want In! When Will I Get Access to the Goal Achievement Workbook?

Great! Once you purchase access to the Goal Achievement Virtual Workshop, you’ll get access to the Workbook when you submit your payment.  It will automatically be emailed to you.

3. When will this workshop be available again?

This is the first time we are conducting the goal achievement workshop. This workshop will not be available again until the next year.   We encourage you to invest today.  Next year this time, you may lose your motivation and you will be in the same place next year this time if you don't make a decision to do something differently and get the support you need.  Stop thinking about it and be about it!

4. What is the cost to sign-up?

Attendees say this training is valued over $797!!! But you have divine favor and you are part of the Kingdom fam, so we are only charging you $79! 


Participants Guarantee

Yes, absolutely! This live Workshop is satisfaction guarantee.   If you join and for what ever reason, you are not satisfied, we will follow-up with you one on one to ensure you are satisfied with the service and gurantee of this master class.

=> Become a Goal Achiever NOW