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"I implemented all of my new changes, and I am feeling great! I really enjoy exercising and I’m excited to see my image and confidence transform. I am getting my WHOLE life... I'm super excited to see what happens next!"~Quiana

Before [enrolling] the Ready for Marriage Academy, I had fear, lack of confidence, lack of skills, and lack of preparedness.  

When it comes to meeting someone, I didn't know how to express myself, how to show up and be authentic, date, ask the right questions, evaluate, have meaningful interaction, and be what I need to be as a woman.  

I needed some guidance, expertise, instruction, wisdom, motivation, support, tools to lead and guide me along the way. I want to address these issues because I feel like they are barriers, hindrances, and stumbling blocks to overcoming and reaching my destiny, success, purpose in dating and relationships.  

I desired someone who loves God with all his heart, lives the word, has a relationship with God, attends church faithfully, spends time with God, and fellowship. Someone who is family-oriented, encouraged, motivated, intelligent, wise, clean well dressed, well-financed, well-groomed, funny at times, confident, gifted, anointed, talented, well rounded, balanced, serious, romantic, loving, thoughtful, caring, loyal, trustworthy, honest with good strong morals and values that he practiced and exhibited, strength, boldness, mental stimulation, good conversation meaningful conversations, intentions, purposeful, driven, persistence, consistency, a mans man who can cook, bring home good salary, established, prepared in areas of his life. After starting the Ready for Love program, I attracted a man who embodied all these characteristics, got engaged and married in less than a year.] ~ Lashara 


Before [enrolling in Jill’s Ready for Marriage Academy, I was experiencing dating men who were unreliable and flaky and I was experiencing continuous disappointment and frustration from getting too sexual too soon with unreliable and unavailable men. 

During the program, received guidance on how to be more intentional with dating men and how to establish boundaries early on. I also received guidance on connecting more deeply with God and bringing my love life to God during these reflections. 

And as a result, I have been dating a man who respects me, takes me out for dinners, has similar values and a desire for creating a family is spiritual and Christian and has also expressed a desire to be married within the next 2 years. It is still early, however, the quality of men that I am attracting has increased significantly.  

My advice for those thinking of getting this information is to act now and take it seriously to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for a healthy long term relationship that leads to marriage and family. I wish I would have been more intentional about preparing and equipping myself to date men for the purpose of marriage. It would have saved me a lot of heartbreak and pain. 

~Nonye G.  [

Working with Jill has been the catalyst to me letting go of a four-year unhealthy relationship and becoming more aware of how I engage with men and people in general. It wasn't until I completed the overcoming your fears session, I gained the courage to speak boldly with strangers about my real estate business. Now, I am more confident in every area of my life and I am excited about what is next!~Sharron

Update 2019, Sharron is now engaged and getting ready to plan her big day!

Before enrolling in Jill’s Ready for Marriage Academy, I found myself not having much success in attracting the kind of happiness I desire that would ultimately lead to marriage. During the program, I became more familiar with who I am and what I want. I received clarity on my life's vision and purpose so I can live and create a life that I desire. My advice is if your having trouble with getting the results you want in attracting the love of your life you have to ask yourself is there anything holding you back, do I need to do to something different, and be open-minded in allowing a transformation coach like Jill Bulluck who was once been where you are and understands she can help you navigate through the process of becoming the best you to create the life you desire and attract the love of your life.~Shelly C.

I started following Jill’s social media after “randomly” coming across her page one day.  

Here I was wanting real love but unable to let go of what I knew wasn’t right for me.  I was entangled in such a web and ashamed because of being in Christ.  The enemy not only had my body, but he also had my mind!

I signed up with her and filled out the questionnaire.  She called me for a Q&A- just to get additional information about me. When I told her that I was physically involved with this guy, she made it plain that I had entwined myself into a non-godly covenant.  In fact, she told me that I had made him my husband.

She advised me to spend some time in prayer the next morning for a specified amount of time and to take the relationship to God.  Some events occurred that day that diverted my focus.  However, I remembered the next morning and did as I was instructed.

I worshiped the LORD in prayer and ended with, “Lord, show me if this is not for me.  I know I may get my feelings hurt, but please show me.”  THAT SAME NIGHT, I tried calling him on both of his phones.  One would go straight to voicemail, and the other would just ring.  I thought to myself that I’d try one more time, and IT HAPPENED.  He answered, but he didn’t know that he did.  He had tried to hang up.  I listened to him and another woman get into his car and make a 15-20 minutes drive to his place in another city.  This was well after midnight.  

It’s over now. I went through it, and I thank the LORD that I didn’t lose my mind!!!! 

 Jill is led by God and the real deal. [Here coaching and guidance brought so my clarity and direction for me to make room for healthy happy love that leads to a lasting marriage].  I would definitely recommend her as a mentor/coach, especially in singleness.~Kim H.m Hill

Meet Jill Bulluck.

Before I discovered the seven-step process, I went from one dead-end relationship to the next dead-end relationship. When I finally broke off a four-year relationship with my high school sweetheart, I thought I had figured it out. The quality of men I attracted improved but the result of the relationship remains the same. Men that were unfaithful and did not respect and appreciated me. After dating a professional engineer, NFL player, and a sergeant in the Marines; all who were nice guys; I realized that something was working and the common denominator in all of this was me.

So I had a decision to make. I could keep doing what I've been doing, or I could decide to do something different. Well I know doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is nothing short of insanity so that was an option. So I started searching for the answer, praying, signing up for programs and I discovered this seven-step process and I applied it. In six months, I met the man of my dreams. Two months later, we were dating exclusively and four months of knowing each other, he was talking about marriage. We were engaged in a year. I am committed to sharing this process with every woman and man who is willing to invest the time, energy, effort, and financial resources into their future marriage. If you are serious about preparing and being intentional about your future marriage, book a call today.

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