Are You Positioned to Be Found?

Are You Attracting the Wrong Type of People or Not Getting Approached? What Have You Actually Done to Prepare Yourself?

...Even if You Don't Want to Approach a Man or Don't Know Where to Start 

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Position Yourself to Be Found!!! The Truth is...

  • Once you are ready for love, you have to position yourself to be found by the right man and not just the next man... ​​​​
  • Position Yourself to be Found by applying my 5Ps without being desperate or working so hard.  
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  • In this training guide, I will show you exactly how to...  
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  • You will learn how to bring your mind, will and emotions in alignment so you can guard your heart and mind and avoid another dead-end relationship or wasting time with someone who God never intended you to be with in the first place.  
  • You will walk away with a deep understanding your purpose. In order to master being in partnership with a shared mission, vision and purpose with someone; you have to have clarity on who you are and what you were born to do.  
  • Being a wife will require you to take on a whole new role and responsible and in part, you will be responsible for meeting the needs and desires of another person. So as part of this program, you will learn how to balance your life responsibilities to ensure you have the capacity in terms of time, energy, desire, and knowledge to meet your own needs & desire and that of your partner.  
  • You will increase your confidence and learn how to be your must authentic self even around a person of the opposite sex that you are attracted to from the first encounter.  
  • You will get the exact places you can go and more important how you show up to naturally attract the one.  
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