Are You Positioned to Be Found? If Not, You’re About to Discover 7 of My Secrets That Will Position You to Be Found!

...Even if You Don't Want to Approach a Man or Don't Know Where to Start 

Why You Haven't Been Found... 

You are unable to trust someone with your heart due to negative experiences in your past. 

You're still figuring out your purpose and since you aren't sure of your purpose and vision; it is difficult for you to define a purpose and a vision for a relationship.  

You don't have a life! You go from home, to work, to church, back home three to four days a week, with little to no interaction with men.  

You aren't approachable. Either people tell you, you are intimidating, or you're shy/lack confidence and stand off.  

You are scared to love again. You have had more than your fair share of heartbreaks, and you aren't in a rush to repeat the cycle.  

You aren't in the right places. You live or spend the majority of your time in circles of women or the men you encounter are not the caliber of men you would see as your husband.  

You have let yourself go, or you haven't found a way to be attractive without being overly sexy, so you play it safe and dress modestly perhaps too modest walking around looking like somebody's great-grandma rather than a wife.  

You dress too sexy and attract men who only want a sexual relationship with you.

It Doesn't Have to Be All of These Reasons... Any One Would Be Enough to Hit the Kill Switch ON His Desires or Cause You to NOT be Prepared.

I’m about to share five of my most guarded trade secrets about positioning yourself to be found.  

To put it another way, your current approach has resulted in missed opportunities, you attracting people into your life that didn’t have your best interest in mind. 

The word of God said it best. My people suffers from the lack of knowledge. What you don’t know will hurt you. Do a fact check, think about how what you didn’t know impacted your relationships in the past, things started off really good then suddenly he pulls away. Time out for wondering if the next person you meet is the one, waiting to be chooses and start excerising your right to choice through being properly positioned. I will only have this eCourse available online at this price for a very limited amout of time and for good reasons as you are about to see. 

How to Position Yourself to Be Found Regular Value $497... ONE TIME OFFER... WAS $197! Now $97  

Even if You Don't Want to Approach a Man or Don't Know Where to Start 


This Process Really Works! I Have Proof! Here Is My Story... 

Does any part of my story sound familiar to you? In 2012, I was lonely, frustrated, and heartbroken. I kept meeting men who were interested in just one (1) thing – and it wasn’t building a life together! I knew I had a lot to offer, and I had faith in God to help bring me a God-fearing man, but I discovered the places I was going and how I showed up attracted less than ideal men into my life. In other words, there was slim picking. Coming from a history of failed relationships, I know I did not want another controlling, sex on the mind, not knowing God type of brother in my life any longer.  

I finally got to the point where I made a non-negotiable decision to change my situation, and in the process, I discovered the 5 Ps that worked for me and will work for any woman who desires to attract authentic love with the right man that will lead to a lasting marriage….  

…After being fed up with attracting the wrong guys in my life, I decided that I would embrace the queen inside of me and boldly choose rather than wait to be chosen. When I saw my husband's online dating profile for the first time, the only thing came to mind, was "this is just too good to be true" as Lauryn Hill would say. After four dates and within two months he asked me to be his girlfriend, and within three months after that, he was talking marriage. I want to share with you these fundamental things so you can position yourself to magnetize the right person into your life!  

Position Yourself to Be Found!!! Here Is What You Will Learned...

Once you are ready for love, you have to position yourself to be found by the right man and not just the next man and this eCourse shows you how to do just that. ​​​​​​​ Position Yourself to be Found by applying my 5Ps without being desperate or working so hard.  

The eCourse is going to show you how to Position Yourself to Be Found. And I want you to make the most of it!  

Learn how to bring your mind, will, and emotions in alignment so you can guard your heart, your mind, and avoid another dead-end relationship or waste time with someone who God never intended you to be within the first place.  

You will walk away with a deep understanding your purpose. To master being in partnership with a shared mission, vision, and purpose with someone; you have to have clarity on who you are and what you were born to do.  

Being a wife will require you to take on a whole new role and responsible, and in part, you will have to meet the needs and desires of another person. So as part of this program, you will learn how to balance your life responsibilities to ensure you have the capacity regarding time, energy, desire, and knowledge to meet your own needs & desires and that of your partner.  

You will increase your confidence and learn how to be your most authentic self even around a person of the opposite sex that you are attracted to from the first encounter.  

You will learn the exact places you can go and more importantly, how you show up once you get there!  


In this eCourse,You Will Get...  

7 Ps to Position Yourself to Be Found eCourse Valued $497

  • Video 1: Prayer and Preparation. Being a wife requires a lot of sacrifice. Each day you have to pour out serving your husband, your children (if you have any), his children (if he has any), people at your job and the list goes on. Each day, you have to learn to recharge yourself so you don't get burnt out and frustrated; I will show you how to do just that.  
  • Video 2: Purpose. Get crystal clear on your God given purpose. Once you get clear on yor purpose, you can get clear on the purpose and vision of yor relationship.
  • Video 3: Planning & Productivity. It is time to STOP running around like a chicken with your head cutoff and finally learn how to conquer the chaos! Getting structured and organized is an important attribute for a wife who will be the manager of her house and family affairs. Preparation starts now! 
  • Video 4: Presence. How to show up as your authentic self and be more confident in the presence of a man.
  • Video 5: Peace: Here I share with you step-by-step strategy of how to remain common in the midst of a storm.
  • Video 6: Prosperity: Prosperity and abundance beings in the mind.I share with you how you can shift your thinking and manifest everything you desire. 
  • Video 7: Place. Where are the places you need to go to get found and how to show up when you get there.
  • Bonus 1: Position Yourself to Be Found Electronic Workbook Value $197  
  • Bonus 2: Get access to the key questions you should ask before you go on a date. Get access to the exact questions my husband and I exchanged when we first met so you can setup your online profile to natural attract your destiny partner. Value $197  
  • Bonus 3: 30 Minute Strategy session with me. 

Total Value for this course is over $497. Here is an unbelievable limited time offer! 

No Thank You, I don't need help being found. Mr. Right has already found me

Who this is for?

If you are trying to get clarity on your life and future marriage vision and purpose, then this is for you. If you are not as comfortable around men as you are in other social settings, then this is for you. If your life tends to be a little crazy and sometimes you feel like you are all over the place, then this is for you. If you tend to be a homebody and don't get out as much as you probably should and you are open to online dating, then this is for you. If the communities and circles you are in doesn't have the type of men around that you could see as your husband, then this is for you. 

Who this is NOT For?

If you are still in an unhealthy relationship and don't know how to get out, this isn't for you. If you are crystal clear on your life purpose and can show up fully confident and authentic with a man, this isn't for you. If you have good quality men in your circles and in your communities and you aren't interested in exploring online dating to open up your options, this isn't for you. If you are totally organized and scheduled, keeping your appointments, showing up early and fully prepared with a coke and a smile, this isn't for you. If you are a social butterfly and have no problem attracting God-fearing men who are interested in you and who pursue you, then this isn't for you.

No Thank You, I don't need help being found. Mr. Right has already found me

P.S. This works no matter what type of relationships you experienced in the past. I’ve fully guaranteed this so as you can see all the risk is on me. For only $97 I will be taking you by the hand through five short to the point videos and the workbook.  

P.S.S. Don’t think you will just wait until tomorrow or sometime in the future... Chances are once you get off this page, life happens, and the chances of you taking the next step to position yourself to be found are slim to none. This eCourse is only going to be offered for a very limited time, and then the price will double.


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