Proverbs 31 Woman

Are You a Proverbs 31 Woman?

Jill and Treal walks you through the book of Proverbs applying each chapter to your life so you can become a better woman of God, wife, mother, friend and leader in your home and in your community.

This book brings the verses to life and put the scripture into context for today's Christian woman.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to become the kind of woman that attracts love in her life through having a mind of Christ and the characteristics of a Proverb 31 woman!

You’ll Learn:

  • How to let go and let God.  Learn how to let God fight your battles, so you don't have to.
  • What a proverb 31 woman look like today, how she talks and carries herself.
  • How to represent Christ in the best light no matter where you go.
  • How to deal with turmoil in your life from a spiritual perspective.
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  • Very helpful- I love the practicality of the explanations given. The use of simple, everyday examples (both small and big) to bring the verse to life really helps me put things into perspective. God bless you guys!”

    Liezl Levendal

    Fabulous Diva
  • Thank you Jill and Treal for the Proverbs 31 Day Challenge!! I want to first say that I successfully completed it and walked away from it with SO much understandingI’m actually sad that its over! Thanks again!”

    Latoya River

    Fabulous Diva 
  • “I want to thank you guys for the amazing daily devotionals and your dedication to your FB community.  I have learned so much! I have been doing the proverbs 31 challenge and I am seeking the change in me"

    Yamaly Tait

    Fabulous Diva
  • I can't say enough about this book!  When I read it for the first time, I was dealing with turmoil "DRAMA" on my job. Through this challenge, I found peace in the midst of my storm!  Thanks sis for an AMAZING devotion!

    Jill Bulluck

    Co-Creator of this great Devotion
  • Thank you Jill & Treal for the Proverbs 31 Day Challenge!! I walked away from it with SO much understanding! I'm actually sad that its over! I looked forward to those emails each morning with great messages before reading each chapter!"

    Latoya Nyiesha

    Fabulous Diva

Montreal "Treal" Ravenel

Jill Bulluck

About the Creators,

Separately and together, Treal Ravenel and Jill Bulluck have written and created tele-summits, coaching programs, hosted live events that reach hundreds of women.

Montreal “Treal” Ravenel is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Detour Movement Incorporated, and pours her passion and drive into youth, women, and young adult couples through ministry. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and mother, Treal has extensive experience working in the corporate arena, where she developed her public speaking, training, and development skills and an innate ability to connect with and mentor others

Let Treal pour into you with her godly wisdom through the book of Proverbs to help shift your mindset and teach you how to be spiritual lead and not emotionally drive.

Jill Bulluck is a spiritual development coach that helps woman improve their relationship with God, themselves and others.  As the Founder of Detour Movement Inc, she develop coaching programs, resources and event to empower women to achieve personal, spiritual and relationship development.  She is a Christian educator, trained in conflict resolution and certified as a mentor/mentee coach.

Jill contribution to this book was taking Treal's Proverbs 31 Day on-line challenge to a published book available through print or ebook to reach thousands of woman across America.